The Witches' Almanac

Sterling Silver Colophon Pendant


This sterling silver pendant measures 7/8”x1/2”. Bail accepts a 3mm diameter chain.

The late Elizabeth Pepper designed The Witches’ Almanac’s logo after a very special sigil that she kept close to her heart. She had a small number of sterling silver pendants made in the 1980s.  Never made available to the public.  Reproduced today, the sigil-pendant can also be used as a charm—for a special bracelet, or as a source of inspiration when doing private meditations or magical work.


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Sterling Silver Colophon

I have loved this glyph since I first saw it decades ago in the Witches Almanac, and am delighted to have it in a tangible form. Perfect size for a charm bracelet or unobtrusive necklace. Solid sterling, excellent quality and workmanship. I hope it might be available in a larger pendant size and also as earrings in future.
Posted by Rhiannon, May Sun 2021