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Atramentous Press was initiated as a platform for exploring the mystical and philosophical approaches found in and amongst traditional practices. Encompassing the world of western occultism from Traditional Witchcraft to Ceremonial Magic, from indigenous folkloric practices. It is our aim to open up the debate about how meaning, history, knowledge, magic, superstition, and folklore are applied in various practice-based settings.

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Welsh Witches: Narratives of Witchcraft and Magic From 16th- And 17th-Century Wales

WELSH WITCHES: NARRATIVES OF WITCHCRAFT AND MAGIC FROM 16TH- AND 17TH-CENTURY WALESRichard Suggett Witchcraft was not perceived as a pandemic threat in Wales compared to the rest of Europe. In...

The Baron Citadel

The Baron Citadel sets out preparatory rituals leading up to the making of the Crossroads. Unlike any other working text, this grimoire also engages with introspective contours for optimising successive...

Ritual Space & The Crooked Path Beyond

Ritual Space and the Crooked Path Beyond (Volume 1) by Peter Hamilton-GilesThe topic of ritual space is something that many of us are involved with, we may feel entrenched, or...

Book of the Black Dragon Volume 2 - The Headless One

Book of the Black Dragon Volume 2: The Headless One by Peter Hamilton-Giles. Publisher: Atramentous Press Standard Edition: Buckram cover, two foil blocked colours to front and back with single...

The Book of Q'ab iTz

The Book of Q'ab iTzby David Herrerias Remaining copies have minor cosmetic defects. The Book of Qab iTz appears as the vessel for the sorcerer, for contained within is the...
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Standing at the Crossroads: Dialectics of the Witching-Other

Standing at the Crossroadsby Peter Hamilton-Giles Truth is based on censoring that which might undermine alternative rationales, and so it is with how the existential witch has been accommodated by...

Codex Althaeban Malik - The Book of Aberrations

Codex Althaeban Malik otherwise known as The Book of Aberrations is an intermediary volume between Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Book of the Black Dragon. The premise for this...

The Witching-Other: Explorations and Meditations on the Existential Witch

THE WITCHING-OTHERby Peter Hamilton-Giles The Witching-Other: Explorations and Meditations on the Existential Witch by Peter Hamilton-Giles, instigator and co-founder of the Dragon's Column being the body of initiates that went...

The Book of Q'ab-Itz

The Book of Q’ab iTz - Paperback Edition The Book of Q’ab iTz appears as the vessel for the sorcerer, for contained within is the evidence of a practitioner who...