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Magnets - Set of 3

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Skull Scarf

Three foot square cotton Skull Scarf.

The Witches' Almanac Book Bag

The Witches' Almanac logo and the medieval woodcut design take you through the day in mystic style.The tasteful canvas bag, measuring 17" x 13" x 5", with a 20” strap,...

The Witches' Almanac Brand Oil 2019 Blend

Specially formulated for The Witches Almanac by Alchemy Works, this magic oil is based on myrrh and cypress, for centuries associated with honoring the dead.  Sweet fir balsam and earthy...


The delightful new Witches' Almanac Pouch has a variety of uses for storing or toting. The 5" x 7" pouch with drawstring closure provides a perfect fit for tarot and...

Agate, Moss

Attributes include abundance, longevity, fidelity, truth. Used for balanced ego. Native Americans use it to call rain and commune with the Great Spirit. love of self.


The stone inspires deep thoughts, encourages understanding and higher thinking. Excellent for the seeker of wisdom, and meditation.

Quartz Crystal

Used in magic for crystal-ball gazing and in tools to focus energy. Aids spirituality, divination, healing. Full of life, yet calming and insightful.

Jasper, Picture

Corresponds to relaxation, contentment, nurturing, healing, peace. Helpful for visualization and grasping the big picture. 

Sterling Silver Colophon Pendant

This sterling silver pendant measures 7/8" x 1/2". Bail accepts a 3mm diameter chain. The late Elizabeth Pepper designed The Witches Almanacs logo after a very special sigil that she...


Used for transformation, cleansing. Attributes include protection, comfort, emotional security. Also associated with friendship and wealth. 

Jasper, Red

Corresponds to relaxation and contentment, nurturing, healing, peace. Red jasper is often associated with courage, will to persevere and protection

Jade, White

Used as an amulet for excellent fortune. Promotes a happy marriage, psychic protection, wisdom, fidelity, longevity and wealth.

Agate, Green

Attributes include balance, abundance, agriculture, longevity, fidelity and truth. Brings rain, prosperity, garden luck, harmony with nature.