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2019-2020 The Witches’ Almanac – Animals



The Witches' Almanac
Spring 2019 to Spring 2020 Issue 38:
Animals: Friends & Familiars

The theme of Issue 38 (Spring 2019-Spring 2020) is Animals: Our Friends and Familiars, and among our lineup of obscurities is The Deities of Animals, Purple and Pleasure: The Folklore and Magic of Amethyst, William Gray meets his Inner Light, Understanding Familiar Spirits For What They Aren’t and an in depth interview with Dolores-Ashcroft-Nowicki.

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Happy to rediscover - As wonderful as I remembered!

It’s been a while since one of these crossed my path. I used to pick one up each year at Shakespeare and Co. in college and afterwards. Then I’d find one every so often at various locations after S&C closed. This year it popped up in a magazine so I searched and ordered from The Witches' Almanac directly
Posted by Janeen Megloranzo, Sep Wed 2019

Witches' Almanac

Wonderful as usual!
Posted by Deborah Greenstone, Jul Sat 2019

Witches' Almanac

I have been buying this Almanac since it was first published. It is the one book I never throw out. Just love it! Thank you and Blessed Be
Posted by Samantha Vulliet, May Sun 2019

Needs VoC

Great, informative, and original text. Would be also nice to have the Void of Course moon times listed but overall, a fine product.
Posted by Felicia , Apr Fri 2019

Witches Alamanac

Love it I have been buying the almanac yearly for the past 21 years. As soon as I get the new almanac in the mail I have to absolutely page through it. I love the content and the useful information.
Posted by WENDY KAUFF, Mar Mon 2019

Witches almanac

Love it, it is part of my daily life. Interesting, informative, quirky. My once a year conversation with Ellen (2 order the almanac) is delightful, it is now part of starting my witches new year
Posted by Geraldine glattstein , Mar Thu 2019

Witches almanac review

I love it there is so much good information in every book I order. Thank you for getting it to me so promptly. This helps me to be a better pagan.
Posted by Vicki Howard, Feb Sat 2019

Witches Almanac

Love the Almanac and all the stories and articles in it. Especially like the cover picture this year. I have been reading it since the 70's and would hate to miss an issue!
Posted by Barbara Cageao, Oct Tue 2018

2019 Witches Almanac

I've been buying the Witches Almanac since I first saw it in the 1970s (OK, I have some gaps in collection). I look for it every year. The collection of knowledge and information is amazing. I love it!
Posted by Linda E Milano, Oct Sun 2018