Year of the Earth Boar

Year of the Earth Boar

February 5, 2019 – January 24, 2020

Chinese Astrology is unique among the world’s zodiac calendars in that it follows a cycle of twelve years. Each year is associated with a different animal. This is the calendar followed throughout the Orient, from China to Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Korea, etc. and is probably familiar to a larger segment of the Earth’s population than any other timetable. It began almost 5000 years ago with Buddha’s legendary birthday party. All the animals were invited. The twelve who came were each gifted with a year along with the promise that they would be the animals to hide in the hearts of those born that year. Five elements (fire, water, metal, earth and wood) distinguish the years. Every sixty years the cyclical pattern of element-animal pairs repeats.

The Boar or Pig was the last of the twelve animals to arrive at the gathering and to be rewarded by Buddha with a stewardship. Ever since the Boar has feared being late and has no patience with tardiness or those who waste valuable time. It doesn’t do to wait until the last minute to complete projects this year. It will be worthwhile to arrive in plenty of time for appointments.

The Chinese New Year begins at the 2nd New Moon following the Winter Solstice, in late January or early February. The date changes from year to year, occurring from late January to mid-February.

Long respected and cherished as one of the most precious of animals, the Pig or Boar symbolizes practicality combined with creativity. Values, particularly those of truth, nobility and chivalry, are upheld. Creativity, especially in regard to enhancing security, will be important. The Earth Boar, also dubbed “The Pig in the Forest,” is peace-loving, determined, and vulnerable to betrayal. Expect to encounter an insistence upon quality in dealings this year. There is a love of refinement, creature comforts and a tendency to be indulgent. Being well informed about current events and acquiring useful knowledge will be a priority. Devotion to studies and scrupulous honesty pave the pathway to greater personal success during a Boar year.

Boar people are beloved for their kindness, loyalty and sincerity. They do find dishonesty hard to forgive. Courageous and headstrong, Boars seldom deter once they set upon a course of action. Piggy’s preference is for serenity and reveling in beautiful, even opulent, surroundings. Good manners, good taste and classiness are priorities. In their innermost hearts, those born during a Boar year want all to be well and comfortable on Earth. Understand that theirs is not a snobbish nature, but one of ultimate refinement.

Years of the Boar… 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

Feng Shui Guidelines to Follow for Success During the Year of the Earth Boar

In the Far East astrology includes Feng Shui, the practice of enhancing luck and happiness by incorporating auspicious selections into one’s life. This includes dietary choices, daily activity schedules, home décor and other options. Here are the preferences which will attract the Boar’s favor and assure a positive year.

Colors: royal blues and purples

Music: harp

Crystals: moonstones

Drink: Bordeaux wine

Fragrance: ambergris

Tree: acacia

Flavor: sweet and sour

Lucky Number: 5

Flower: calla lily

Food: desserts and delicacies

Spice: cloves

Herb: oregano

Motto: “I Preserve”

Western Astrology Correspondence: Scorpio

Direction: North to Northwest

Season: autumn, especially November

Lucky Hours: 9 pm -11 pm

Animals: Pigs and cats

Metal: silver

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