The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt

It is refreshing to come across a Pagan website that is journalistic in nature, as well as providing feature articles that are rich in content and thought provoking. The Wild Hunt describes itself as a “non-profit news agency serving Pagan, Heathen and polytheist communities worldwide.” They have more than exceeded their statement of purpose.

Many Pagan sites are generally devoted to bringing education content geared to a very specific community. The Wild Hunt goes beyond the typical Pagan site. You will find that their feature articles often examine contemporary issues and their impact to the world as whole, while keeping an eye on relevance to the community that they serve.

The Wild Hunt’s site is visually clean and unencumbered by art that does not contribute to their journalism. You will not find backgrounds and typefaces that make it hard to consume the news they are reporting. When they use art, it is always a compliment to the feature.

All in all, this is a great site that deserves frequent visits and will certainly enrich your awareness of the Pagan community, as well as the greater world that we are part of.

Visit The Wild Hunt here

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