The Poison Path Herbal; Baneful Herbs, Medicinal Nightshades & Ritual Entheogens

Coby Michael, Park Street Press

One of the primary ways to deepen your Pagan or Witch spirituality is to find ways to interact magically with the world around you. Working with plants is one of the most readily available methods for doing so, but can feel inaccessible as there is little reliable published information on how to use most of the plants traditionally associated with Witchcraft. In The Poison Path Herbal, Coby Michael provides the thorough guidance needed to begin working with entheogenic and baneful plants in your Witchcraft.  

The book is divided into three sections. The first defines what the poison path is and discusses the traditional roles of entheogens in Witchcraft and the role of poisonous plants in baneful magic. It also includes scientific information about the chemical compounds found in these plants and how they impact the body. The second section is divided into chapters on plants associated with Saturn, Venus and Mercury, as most all poisonous plants fall under the domain of one of these three planetary energies. Moreover, these planets and their associated deities represent three distinct ways of using entheogenic plants for magic. The third section includes instructions and formulas for compounding plants and using them magically, and provides information on how to grow each from seed.

Recipes that can kill you are easily found, while instructions on how to use them meaningfully and magically are hard to come by. What truly sets The Poison Path Herbal apart is that each section explores the classical mythology of these plants as well presenting traditional uses, scientific information and useful tips gleaned from the author’s personal experience. Even Witches who never intend to work with these plants in traditional ways will appreciate the treasure trove of lore Coby Michael has gathered. Whether you buy it just for information or to augment your path by working directly with baneful plants, The Poison Path Herbal deserves a place on every serious practitioner’s shelf.


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