The Pendulum


Tuning in to hidden tidings


Once you have your pendulum in hand, author Nialla offers further suggestions about using the pendulum effectively:

It is essential to operate the pendulum in a receptive, emotionally unattached state. Although this can be difficult, beginners can build confidence and skill by first asking relatively insignificant questions. For instance, you can ask if you have sufficient calcium in your body for optimum health. If the answer is no, you can ask if you would have sufficient calcium in your body if you took 500 milligrams of calcium citrate. Keep raising the dose until it comes back with a yes. What of the case where the pendulum never confirms a dose? Is it wrong? The detective work needs to proceed down another road, such as asking, “Would this brand of calcium citrate be an effective calcium supplement for me?”

As you become experienced, you can graduate from yes-or-no answers to using charts with multiple responses. There are books composed of nothing but radiesthesia charts for different conditions and queries. These charts can easily be made as well.

A good method of detaching yourself from the process is to write all possible answers on sheets of paper and fold them up. Then query the pendulum over each folded sheet and save the results. This method works particularly well for diagnosing food allergies. Confirm the reliability of your answers by retesting several times on other days.

Care needs to be taken in forming your words for the questions. In our day-to-day lives, we use language so often that we tend to forget that words are symbols and can have many meanings. The pendulum’s answers are quite literal, and when words have multiple meanings the answers can be confusing. For instance, if you ask, “Is there gold on my land?” and someone happens to be there wearing a golden wedding ring at that moment, the pendulum will respond yes. But it is not answering the question you intended to ask. Be specific in your wording.

Writing the questions beforehand helps eliminate confusion. It is also prudent to check your answers by asking a question several different ways, using different wordings each time.

Once you have achieved reliability with your pendulum, you may want to observe your body’s reactions while working with it. You may feel a tingle in your fingers, a twinge in your stomach or a touch of lightheadedness coinciding with your workings. Some people become so attuned to their body’s responses that they are able to dowse without any tools at all!

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