The Light of Sex and Advanced Sex Magic

The Light of Sex and Advanced Sex Magic
by Maria De Naglowska

Available for the first time in English, The Light of Sex and Advanced Sex Magic represent two of the most interesting and until now, hard to procure books on the spiritual aspects of sex. A Russian mystic and “Satanic Woman” of 1930s Paris, De Naglowska’s work focused on unifying the dark and light powers of the world through reconciliation of masculine and feminine ideals. De Naglowska uses the Trinity as a basis for her occult teachings, reimagining the three aspects of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – as Head (reason), Heart, and the Feminine ideal, or Sex and the coming of a new enlightened age. These books are a fascinating historical read and an important part of occult history, but be advised – the techniques described are potentially dangerous; there is even a warning posted before the bulk of the text.

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