The Grimoire Encyclopaedia: Volumes 1 & 2

David Rankine
Vol 1: ISBN-13: 978-1914166365
Vol 2: ISBN-13: 978-1914166372
Hadean Press Limited
$44.99 each

From time to time, an author undertakes an intellectual odyssey into the profound domains of esoteric wisdom, diligently documenting their expedition as they traverse uncharted territories. Reserve a spot on your bookshelves, for David Rankine has symbolically ascended the peak of Mount Sinai, reemerging with two paramount volumes that are an absolute necessity for any magician’s library. Within the pages of Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Encyclopaedia: Volumes 1 & 2: A convocation of spirits, texts, materials, and practices an invaluable assemblage of summaries along with an examination of magical beings awaits, spanning 756 and 676 pages respectively. These volumes contain an abundance of indispensable knowledge that will leave no aspiring magician wanting.

In Volume 1, Rankine commences with a succession of concise lectures that serve as a guiding light for both novice journeymen and seasoned travelers along the mystical path. In the initial exposition, he indulges the reader with a swift exploration of the pre-grimoire era, meticulously noting the origins and sources of this arcane knowledge. This significant segment of the book also encompasses a profound treatise on the enigmatic “Spirit Hierarchies,” a subject seldom addressed in other literary works of this nature. Another noteworthy gem presents itself in the form of an extensive analysis on the intricate art of “Conjuration.” Rankine delves deep into the realms of conjuration, leaving no stone unturned as he explores ritualistic modes and methodologies. Concluding this section, he graciously provides a comprehensive timeline of texts, granting readers a glimpse into the evolutionary journey of the grimoire tradition through time.

Having established a firm foundation for the reader, Rankine proceeds to embark on the expansive domain of the “Encyclopedic Entries” section, which fills the remaining 756 pages. It is within these pages that the brilliance of this invaluable tome truly shines. For each entry, Rankine meticulously provides key details such as the estimated date of the text, the language in which it is written, the primary influences that shaped its composition, the origin of the book itself, the location of the maximum segment size (MSS) and whether the ritual employs a Circle as its modus operandi. Additionally, he includes a comprehensive list of tools utilized and an array of spirits associated with each text, accompanied by a concise yet highly informative description. Concluding each entry, Rankine offers an overview of essential readings, guiding readers towards further exploration and study.

Volume 2 presents a compilation of appendices meticulously curated by Rankine, delving into the diverse aspects of the rituals elucidated within the manuscripts featured in Volume 1. These appendices serve as a valuable reference, cross-referencing the manuscripts to provide deeper insights. For instance, in Appendix II, Rankine provides a comprehensive inventory of incense ingredients, encompassing details such as the specific type of incense, its form when employed, its purpose, planetary attributions and the texts in which it is mentioned. Beyond cataloging the ritualistic elements, Rankine goes the extra mile by documenting

various modalities, including the utilization of magical circles and other pertinent practices. These appendices enrich the reader’s understanding and offer a comprehensive resource for further exploration.

Only a handful of books can be classified as unequivocal essentials for any magical library. The Grimoire Encyclopaedia: Volumes 1 & 2: A convocation of spirits, texts, materials, and practices is not a mere collection that you read once and allow to accumulate dust on your shelf. Instead, it is a set that will inevitably bear the marks of frequent use, reflecting its indispensability.

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