The Book of Grimoires: The Secret Grammar of Magic

The Book of Grimoires: The Secret Grammar of Magic
by Claude Lecoutreux

Claude Lecoutreux has truly given us a treat with this treatise on grimoires and the magic found in them. With so many books on medieval magick available in this day and age, Lecoutreux has treated us to a glimpse into several. He begins his work with a detailed overview of the progression of various books magical before launching into the specifics of the practicality of sorcery. His approach has been to catalogue practice by type. Along with a fine detail of how to perform a given piece of sorcery, Lecoutreux treats us to facsimile drawing from many books. This book will benefit both the student of the occult that would like to compare and contrast, as well as the sorcerer who is looking for an out-of-the-ordinary working to perform.

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