The Ancient Holiday Series

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Ancient Greek Holidays

Ancient Roman Holidays

Ancient Egyptian Holidays

Introducing Ancient Holidays, an exhilarating new book series that immerses readers into the captivating world of ancient civilizations' spiritual calendars. Authored by the exceptionally talented Mab Borden, these books offer profound and enlightening journeys through the sacred calendars of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. With great excitement, we present this series, confident that it will not only provide invaluable knowledge but also kindle inspiration for our own spiritual observations.

Within each captivating title of the series, readers will delve into comprehensive explanations of the months and seasons, gaining profound insights into the significance of sacred days. Every sacred day is meticulously detailed, encompassing the deity being honored and the social and ritual activities associated with it. Additionally, each publication is enriched with information-packed appendices, which provide a wealth of knowledge, including the mapping of deity holidays to the corresponding seasons.


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