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1969 was the year when Sybil Leek was first called “The World’s Most Famous Witch” following the publication of her best-selling autobiography, Diary of a Witch. Born in Stoke-On-Trent in England’s New Forest region, Sybil traced her lineage of Witchcraft back to at least 1134. After Britain’s Witchcraft Act was repealed in 1951 she began to write about and practice the Traditional Craft knowledge openly guarded by her family. She was a wildly eccentric, volatile and brilliant person whose books first opened the secrets of the occult to the general public.

Sybil left many articles and magazine columns as well as at least sixty books. Astrology, numerology, crystals, mediumship, herbalism, Tarot, gypsies, phrenology, world predictions, dreams and ghost tracking as well as antiques and collectibles are examples from among the stunning array of topics Sybil addressed in her prolific writings. She owned several antique shops in England during the 1950’s and also one in Indialantic, Florida in the mid 1970’s called Sybil Leek’s Curiosity Shop. She often said that she was a Druid, not just a Witch and that Druids were like the priest class while Witches were the working class among Craft practitioners. When asked how she liked to be addressed Sybil would answer “Anyone who means anything to me always just calls me Sybil.”

She had a whole career in media work and journalism in England during the 1950’s and early 1960’s. After her husband Brian Leek passed into the Summerland in 1974 Sybil emigrated to the United States. Eventually she settled in Indialantic, Florida. She would say that the lovely little beach town reminded her of the French Riviera. Eventually her two sons, Stephen and Julian followed her.

Sybil traveled the world and hobnobbed with many celebrities as well as prominent craft practitioners. She was bedridden at the time of her passing at age 65. Following a metaphysical themed memorial service in Florida her ashes were taken to Dorset, England for internment.

Features contributed to The Witches' Almanac:

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Complete Art Of Witchcraft 1973
Sybil Leek's Book of Herbs 1973
Reincarnation: The Second Chance 1974
My Life in Astrology 1972
Moon Signs 1977
The Sybil Leek Book of Fortune-Telling 1969
Sybil Leek's book of curses 1975
Mr Hotfoot Jackson 1965
How to Be Your Own Astrologer 1970
Telepathy: The Respectable Phenomenon 1971
Cast Your Own Spell 1970
Complete Art Of Witchcraft 1975
Sybil Leek On Exorcism: Driving Out The Devils
Sybil Leek's Astrological Guide To Successful Everyday Living 1970
The Night Voyagers: You And Your Dreams 1976
Herbs: Medicine & Mysticism 1975
Sybil Leek's Book of the Curious and the Occult 1976
The Assassination Chain 
The Astrological Guide To Financial Success 
Numerology: The Magic of Numbers 
Tomorrow's Headlines Today 1974
A Ring of Magic Islands 1976
The Tree That Conquered the World 1969
Astrology And Love 1981
ESP: The Magic Within You 1972
Sybil Leek's Zodiac of Love 1974
Phrenology: The Key to Limitless Understanding of Character and Personality as Revealed by the Configurations and Regions of the Head 1970
Inside Bellevue 1976
Sybil Leek's Astro Guide To Success 1988


Sybil's Wikipedia entry can be found here

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