Star Magic


Star Magic

Sandra Kynes

ISBN-13: 978-1-959883-00-5

Crossed Crow Books

Revised edition

Magic of stars and constellations beyond the Zodiac

“…the dust of whose feet are the hosts of heaven…” The stars are a source of awe and inspiration for Witches and Pagans alike, but how many gaze in wonder at the night sky but have few resources aside from Astrology for engaging with the stars spiritually or working with them magically? In a revised and updated edition from Crossed Crow Books, Star Magic by Sandra Kynes offers a guide to the stars and constellations beyond the Zodiac.

Kynes begins with an overview of how stars were used in magic historically and then moves quickly to removing the practical barriers that keep many readers from working with the stars. She provides information on reading star maps as well as how best to use apps that provide similar information to traditional star maps. Combined with the appendix that lists the latitudes of major cities worldwide, readers will be furnished with the tools and information to find any constellation or star they choose to view in the night sky. She moves on to guiding the reader in doing energy work with the stars before delving into the heart of the book, which is the detailed information about each constellation.

Organized seasonally, four chapters focus on the stars visible from the Northern Hemisphere in Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, with an additional chapter on the Southern Hemisphere. Within each entry, Kynes provides the mythology and history of each constellation as well as significant stars within the constellation, the abbreviations used on star maps, information about each star’s meaning, magical uses and ritual suggestions for connecting with the energy of that star or constellation spiritually and magically. She includes several useful appendices in addition to the latitudes of cities—tables of star colors for use in color magic, information on the fixed stars of Medieval magic (Agrippa’s Behenian stars,) and dates of meteor showers.

Whether you live in the country and stand in wonder at the night sky regularly or you live in the city and hope to connect with the energy of the constellations beyond what light pollution allows you to see, with Kynes’ wealth of knowledge and practical guidance, you will be well equipped to turn your star gazing into star magic.

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