Sigils of Sound

By Jera

Sigils of Sound

There are numerous ways to utilize pitch within individual praxis which range from the simple to the highly intricate. A simple usage may be to instill a plain white candle with a color through intoning the correct pitch. Similarly one could project color onto plain white paper before drawing a sigil, or take a portion of plain black ink and add another color property to it. The options are vast.

For a more involved process, one may use pitch in combination with kameas, or magic squares. These geometric figures are tables that have a Hebrew letter or a number assigned to each square, and are arranged so that each row, column and diagonal will add up to the same number. A traditional method of drawing sigils is to trace a magical word or planetary name according to its corresponding numbers. However, this can be done with sound as well by drawing upon pitches associated with the Hebrew alphabet as found in the tarot correspondences developed by Paul Foster Case.

The full article can be found on page 30 of The Witches' Almanac Spring 2021-2022: The Sun: Rays of Hope

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