Sigil Witchery

Sigil Witchery

Sigil Witchery, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Llewellyn Publications. Sigil magic of one form or another is a rather common and popular form of mystical expression within occult circles the world over, yet there appears to be few books devoted entirely to the subject. Mostly, one finds a brief chapter or two within a larger tome devoted to spellcraft, listing a couple of quick-and-easy methods for sigil creation that may as well be magical afterthoughts before carrying on about candles, colors or some other such aspect of the Witch’s arts.

Inevitably, this book shall be compared to those previously mentioned volumes focusing solely on the subject of magical sigilization. All of these tend to be many things: informative, clever, well researched, practical and instructive. By these rubrics, Sigil Witchery shall certainly hold its own, but it deserves an additional adjective: inspirational.

I challenge you to read this book and not draw sigils on whatever piece of chalkboard, tablet or scrap paper happens to cross your path.

Perhaps it’s the easygoing nature of Zakroff’s instruction, or her barely-stifled joy when describing the various mediums and tools one can use to craft sigils, but her excitement is frankly both palpable and infectious. Haven’t picked up a pen or pencil in a while? Start reading this and there’s a good chance you’ll be blissfully doodling halfway through.

Zakroff greatly enjoys breaking down symbols into their component parts, examining each glyph for what it says intuitively as well as semiotically, and then showing how to use these aspects to build and grow some stunning pieces of art. After the small bits have been dissected, examples of sigils for meditation, spellcraft and protection are provided and interpreted, giving plenty of great ideas and solid advice for even the most boorishly well-informed member of your Coven.

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