New World Faeries

…and that which is especially to be observed in this, the singleness of the wit, innocency of the mind, a firm credulity, and constant silence; wherefore they do often meet children, women, and poor and mean men. They are afraid of and flie from men of a constant, bold, and undaunted mind…
Cornelius Agrippa

I begin with this quote about the nature of faeries because I find it true regarding those who tend to have the most faerie encounters. From experience and inference from the testimony of others it seems this is indeed the best mind frame to encounter Them. When you are alone in nature, not thinking about much of anything but the beauty of the day, light of heart, free of expectations and yearnings—is often the moment. Those who have an experience and attempt to recreate it by returning to the same location at the same time of day or year generally don’t meet with success, unless it is by the explicit invitation of the Good Folk.

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