Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth

Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth
by John Michael Greer

Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth is an attempt to counter common modern misconceptions regarding mystery teachings. Most conceive of mystery teachings as the idea that by manipulating the laws of attraction one can coax any number of positive outcomes from the universe. The theory goes that simply by replacing negative thoughts and actions with positive ones, good things — money, material wealth, increased social status — will materialize. Greer points out that not only is this concept not representative of mystery teachings, but they simply do not work; it assumes that whatever we want is ours for the taking while ignoring the fact that we are but part of a much more complex whole. Greer turns to ecology — the study of whole systems in nature — to correct our misguided understanding of seven fundamental principles from the mystery schools. Each principle is explored using examples from the natural world. Each principle is also accompanied by a meditation, an affirmation, and a theme for reflection. These interactive features help bring the mystery teachings directly into the reader’s daily life: “where they become keys to meaning, wholeness, and power.”

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