Museum of Witchcraft

Museum of Witchcraft

Being able to walk into a museum dedicated top-to-bottom to all things magical would probably tickle the fancy of even the most dour-faced occultist, but alas, there are paltry few of them about. The oldest and most well-respected, originally founded on the Isle of Man but moved to the sleepy sea village of Bostcastle on Cornwall’s northern coast, is thousands of years of magical history rolled into two floors worth of captivating displays and a research library of over 7000 books.

However, for most of us (especially those in places “across the pond” and further), a quick jaunt to the southwest of Albion is rather cost-prohibitive. Thankfully the museum has provided a most user-friendly website with which to browse its fascinating nooks and crannies. There, one can peruse most of the museum’s 3000 objects with high definition photographs, videos and tutorials, delving into their inspired collections with ease. Included is even a search feature allowing one to scrutinize the many documents and books in their considerable library of folklore and occultism.

Thus, Enochian Watchtowers, horse-skull protection charms, poppets, mandrakes and founder Cecil Williamson’s scrying mirror can now be easily viewed from the comfort of one’s favorite device.

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