Messages from Tea

Tea leaves

The Witches’ Almanac 2008
Dikki-Jo Mullen 

A cup tea between the seer and the client is a pleasant way to tune into divination with a friend. The article by psychic Dikki-Jo Mullen advises how to go about preparing tea leaves for reading. There follow some common images that you might watch for. The list also makes you aware of how Dikki-Jo interprets the forms. But as always, allow your intuition to come into play as you reflect on the symbol. Also watch for numbers and initials. These can reveal people, places, and the timing of important events.

Anchor—stable love, luck in business
Angels—protection, help
Apples—helpful people, desire to move forward
Balloons—worries are temporary
Bees—prosperity, good business
Birds—fortunate journey, good news
Buildings—a life passage, a move, a ceremony
Butterfly—change for the better, spiritual forces are strong
Cage—trapped feeling or illness
Crown—honors, good reputation
Egg—new plans, birth, life force is strong
Fan—flirtation, treachery, gossip
Flames—dedication, progress, fame
Flowers—good fortune, joy, a happy marriage
Gloves—justice, a challenge
Keys—important new openings
Ladder—you will rise, life improves
Locks—surprises, don’t meddle
Monsters—misfortunes, threats
Musical instruments—happiness, a congenial visit
Needle—beware of gossip
Shell—good news, travel by water, a cruise
Shoes/boots—successful travel
Trees—a legacy comes

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