Marijuana—Da Ma

Cannabis Sativa Dior

By Ellen Evert Hopman

CANNABIS HAS BEEN used medicinally in Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, African, Japanese, Arabic, Mesopotamian and European medicine for millennia. Cannabis leaf tea has been used for coughs, insomnia, bladder conditions, pain and depression. The leaves have been used to poultice wounds and smoked to ease glaucoma. Not surprisingly, this supremely useful herb has many religious and magical associations.

The ancient Scythians incorporated cannabis into their funerary rites. Writing in about 450 BCE, Herodotus reports that when a king died he was first carried around for forty days in a chariot, accompanied by his relatives. As the chariot made its way among the king’s friends, gifts were laid out before the deceased ruler and his family.

The full article can be found on page 18 of The Witches' Almanac Spring 2019-2020 Animals: Friends & Familiars

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