Liminal Spirits Oracle

Liminal Spirits Oracle
Liminal Spirits Oracle Laura Tempest Zakroff

Oracular decks of cards are as common place as tarot these days. Pick a theme and you are more than likely to find such a deck well suited to your needs. Laura Tempest Zakroff has created an oracle that we are sure will satisfy the most discerning witch. Continuing on a theme that she often lectures on, Tempest takes us on a deep journey into liminal spaces by presenting to us the 42 spirits that inhabit the Liminal Spirits Oracle. She has chosen a cast of spirits that are not only personal to her but also have strong connections to mythology and Witchcraft.

There are many features of this deck and subject matter that make this oracle so appealing. The individual cards are each an exquisite artistic exploration of the esoteric subject being expounded. The ethereal, pithy quality to Tempest’s artwork is in no way assuming or inaccessible. In fact, each card seems to beckon the user to embark on the journey of the card. For example, the scorching heat of the salamander card can be felt, the coolness of the rolling waves of the ocean card begs a frolic and mysterious eyes in the mugwort card stand ready to reveal the mysteries.

Another feature that sets this deck apart is the organization of the deck. While it is not unique to organize cards in groups, Tempest has given us groups that are far from oridinary. She has ordered her deck into eight groups: Rites, Places, Trees, Herbs, Wings, Fur Fauna, Artifacts and Scale, Slither & Swim. Each of these groups of five cards is a collection of spirits with a common concept. There are two cards, Gateway and Mushroom, that do not fit into a group. These two cards are concerned with the most liminal of spirits, the beginning and the end of cycles.

The book that accompanies the oracle is a good read in and of itself. Rather than providing a compact size image of each of the cards, the book shows each in full size and full color. Tempest has taken the time to meticulously explore each of the cards, encouraging the reader to explore further.

Tempest has taken the time to the explain the use of the oracle for meditation and self-transformation. In her own words, “The deck was crafted with the intention of being a tool to tap into liminal realms and commune with spirits.” In a lengthy discussion of doing just this, Tempest uses clear language to walk both the novice and the adept through the practicality and spirit of these endeavors. Unlike most books accompanying various decks, Tempest is refreshlingly honest about the use of the oracle for spell work. While it is a short section, the text gives the user a good starting point for spell work.

Lastly, Tempest walks us through the use of the cards as a system of divination. For this particular oracle, she recommends staying away from the single draw divination, leaning towards the multiple card systems. You won’t find the Celtic Cross here. Instead, Tempest gives you the typical three card reading. Her five card draw is an interesting approach to divination.

All in all, this is a vibrant deck with a unique approach, and well worth investigation.

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