Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

Successor of W.E Butler as the Director of Studies for SOL (Servants of the Light) school of occult sciience. From 1971 to June 2018 when she retired in favour of Dr Steven Critchley. Author and worldwide lecturer she is well known for her open approach to the Mysteries and the scope of her knowledge. Her book The Shining Paths was the first to open up the long held secret of the power of Pathworking. Born and raised in the Channel island of Jersey off the coast of France (The original of New Jersey) she is of “Magical stock” with a famiily history going back several generations and including both Wiccan, Qabalah, spiritualism, and ceremonial magic. Now at 89 she is still writing, lecturing, travelling and sharing her knowledge. Her sense of humour, clarity of thought, and down to earth approach has won her friendss aand students worldwide. In her own words she ...”Loves the work she does’. She sees it not as teaching, but as sharing her lifes work with others.

Work in Process. My First Book of Magic., and The Hill of Dreams.

Features contributed to The Witches' Almanac:

Merry Meetings: Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, The Witches’ Almanac 2019, p. 123


The Shining Paths
The Sacred Cord Meditations
The Servants of the Light Tarot, with Jo Gill and Anthony Clark
The Ritual Magic Workbook
Illuminations: The Healing of the Soul
Magical Use of Thought Forms
The New Book of the Dead
First Steps in Ritual
Magical Use of Thought Forms
The Initiate's Book of Pahtworking
The Door Unlocked
The Sacred Cord Meditations
The Singing Stones
The Tree of Ecstasy
Inner Landscapes: A Journey into Awareness by Pathworking
An Anthology of Occult Wisdom
Highways of the Mind: The Art and History of Pathworking
Your Unseen Power: Real Training in Western Magic
Shadows and Light
Daughters of Eve: The Magical Mysteries of Womanhood
The Shakespearean Tarot, with Paul Hardy

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