Dinner with the Gods

The Feast of the-Gods by Frans Francken II

By Gwion Raven

Imagine you received a phone call from your favorite deity. It just so happens they’ll be in town this weekend and they want to come to your house for dinner. How would you go about welcoming them into your home, providing them food and entertaining them?

Many Pagan and Witchcraft practices center around invoking, evoking and inviting the Gods to magical rites. Occasionally they show up—many times they don’t. How can you increase the likelihood that the Gods will make it to your ritual? Well, you can start by creating a meal they can’t resist.
In virtually every culture, past and present, the Gods have received offerings. Food is one of the most common offerings. Read through most mythologies and histories and you’ll find all sorts of food offerings made to the Gods. Most importantly, this practice still works today. The basic steps are described below.

The full article can be found on page 16 of The Witches' Almanac Spring 2021-2022 - The Sun: Rays of Hope

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