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In 1992 Dikki-Jo, who has been an admirer and avid reader of The Witches' Almanac (TWA) since 1971, wrote a book review about TWA which was published in Body, Mind and Spirit magazine. Elizabeth Pepper spotted the piece and contacted Dikki-Jo, who responded and contributed a feature about Butterfly Magic. This appeared in TWA the next year. Meanwhile circumstances arose which necessitated the hiring of a new astrologer. Elizabeth began a nationwide search for someone to fill the position.

Dikki-Jo, a professional astrologer, sent some samples of her work from features published in Horoscope Guide, American Astrology and Dell Horoscope magazines as well as her credentials as a faculty member of The American Federation of Astrologers and President of Orlando’s Astrological Research Guild. She was surprised and pleased when her resume was the one selected by Elizabeth. Dikki-Jo has produced Presage, the birth sign forecasts, ever since. Eventually she began adding an Introduction to Presage, Eclipses and Retrogrades. Later Elizabeth asked her to prepare the Moon Calendar and Chinese Astrology each year as well. When Andrew Theitic became editor, upon Elizabeth’s passing into The Summerland, he asked Dikki-Jo to stay on and to add the yearly Fixed Star and Celebrity Horoscopes. Dikki-Jo enjoys preparing the astrology as well as various other features for The Almanac and considers the readers her second family.

Dr. Dikki-Jo Mullen is a graduate of The University of Florida and has a professional practice as an astrologer and parapsychologist based in Orlando, Florida. See her Youtube videos for presentations about astrology and other branches of metaphysics. She currently offers Star Dates, daily astrology updates on Face Book. She frequently presents programs at various venues throughout the USA as well as in the UK. See the link below for her articles about astrology, poems and art work as well as an events schedule.

Features contributed to The Witches' Almanac:

Dikki-Jo has been the staff writer for many years. To list her contributions would be a very lengthy list indeed. In addtion, she has been our Astrologer for many years. Dikki-Jos contibution is no less than 30 pages per issue She is the author of three features — Astrological Presage, Fixed Star and Celebrity Horoscope.


Star Dates — The Astrology Birthday Book, 1983
Star Studies — Instructions In Beginning Astrology, 1984
Star Journey — Esoteric Astrology, 1982
Koo Hollie and The Corn Goddess Chronicle,2005
Koo Hollie and The Eight Phases of the Blue Moon, 2007
Koo Hollie and The Spirit of Prism Rose, 2006
Mother Ollmann's Bird Seed Cookies — Anthology of poems and Legends,2015

Dikki-Jo has contributed many articles for periodicals from 1977 through the present. A partial list includes:
American Astrology
Midnight Horoscope
American Federation of Astrologers Bulletin
Horoscope Guide
Dell Horoscope Publications
The Florida Alligator, University of Floridacampus newspaper
The Scroll, Brevard County, Florida Astrology Magazine (editor)
The Researcher, Journal of the Astrological Research Guild, of Orlando — editor
Orlando Style Magazine
Horizons Magazine
Spiral Circle Monthly, (editor)
Circle Sanctuary News
Quest, Magazine of the Theosophical Society
Body, Mind and Spirit
Recovery Today
Debut, Theater and Entertainment
PBS Magazine, Ch. 24, Orlando
FPG, Florida Pagans Periodical
Starward, Magazine of the North Florida Astrological Association
The Ricardian, Journal of the Richard III Society
and many others periodicals...

Dikki-Jo's website, Skymaiden Musings, can be found here

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