Crystals, Jewels, Stones: Magic & Science and Crystals and the New Age

Crystals, Jewels, Stones: Magic & Science
by Isidore Kozminsky and Stuart Weinberg

This is a compendium of knowledge and lore concerning what is classified by Hanne Finne in the introduction as the “mineral realm.” Ibis Press brings together two discrete yet complementary texts on the subject of precious and semi-precious stones’ role within a magical, mythical, and historical context. The first text, by Stuart Weinberg, is a relatively recent addition to the subject of crystals. Crystals and the New Age offers a clear introduction to the background systems needed to understand the significance of crystals as well as in-depth yet concise biographies of the preceding centuries’ preeminent channelers. The text also contains a comprehensive bibliography and suggested reading list for those interested in expanding their knowledge ever outward. The second text, a classic tome originally published in 1922 by Isidore Kozminsky, has been updated and modernized for an American reading audience while keeping the entirety of its original content preserved. Kozminsky writes in an effortlessly informative style that carries the reader easily through varied and complex information. Kozminsky is a scholarly storyteller delivering an enjoyable read while communicating a glut of information as multifaceted as the gems being examined.

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