Caitlín Matthews

Caitlín Matthews is a writer, singer and teacher whose ground-breaking work has introduced many to the riches of our western spiritual heritage. She is acknowledged as a world authority on Celtic Wisdom, the Western Mysteries and the ancestral traditions of Britain and Europe. She is the author of over 70 books including Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom: A study of Divine Feminine in Gnostic, Jewish and Christian thought. Her Lost Book of the Grail is a new translation by Gareth Knight and herself of the Elucidation, a 13th century text: this study by Caitlín & John, opens up a mythic landscape where Holy Grail and Faery Grail meet.

Caitlín was trained in the esoteric mystery traditions through the schools founded by Dion Fortune, by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and Gareth Knight. Her shamanic vocation emerged early in her ability to sing between the worlds and to embody spirits. She has worked in many of the western traditions with companions upon the path including R.J.Stewart. Like him, she teaches the many strands of the ancestral European traditions. She specializes in teaching traditional European spirit-consultation oracles where the diviner draws directly upon the spirits of nature for answers and in the use of the voice to sound the unseen. Caitlín has been instrumental in revealing the ancestral heritage of the Western traditions through practical exploration of the mysteries as well as through scholarly research. Her teachings are couched in a firm historical and linguistic framework, with respect to the original context of the teachings, but never loses sight of the living traditions of these teachings which can be explored through direct application to their spiritual sources.

Trained as an actress, Caitlín is in demand as a storyteller and singer. She appears frequently on international radio and television, and was the song-writer and Pictish language originator for the Jerry Bruckheimer film King Arthur. Her other screen credits include appearances in the Secrets of the Code (2006) and the Ancient Mysteries production of The Quest for the Holy Grail. (1997)

With her partner, John Matthews, and with Felicity Wombwell, she is co-founder of The Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies, which is dedicated to the sacred arts that remain often without record or witness. The FíOS shamanic training programme teaches students the healing arts as well as hosting masterclasses with exemplars of living sacred traditions. Caitlín has a shamanic practice in Oxford dedicated to addressing soul sickness and ancestral fragmentation, as well as helping clients find vocational and spiritual direction. Her soul-singing and embodiment uniquely bring the ancient healing traditions to everyday life.

Caitlín’s other books include One Hundred Steps to the Grail, Singing the Soul Back Home, Mabon and the Guardians of Celtic Britain, The Psychic Protection Handbook, and Diary of a Soul Doctor. She is co-author, with John Matthews, of the The Complete King Arthur: One Hero, Many Faces and Walkers Between Worlds. Her books have been translated into more than Twenty languages from Brazil to Japan.

The author lives in Oxford with her husband, John, in a kind of book-cave or library, whichever you will. They share their home with their cats, Willow and Scaramouche. Postal address: BCM Hallowquest, London WC1N 3XX, U.K.

Features contributed to The Witches' Almanac:

The Art of the Omen Days: Light from Midwinter’s Heart, The Witches’ Almanac 2018, p. 36


* = currently out of print

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Lost Book of the Grail,, (Forthcoming) 2017-18
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Zauberkarten:The Magical Cards of Mlle Lenormand, Ninth Initiate Books, 2016

Contributor to the Following Collections:

Anglo-Saxónica: revista do centro de Estudos Anglísticos da Universidade de Lisboa Series II, 10-11, Lisboa, EdiÇoes Colibri, 1999
Fons Elders (ed.)
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Way Of The Oracle: Recovering the Practices of the Past to Find Answers for Today, Weiser, 2012
Mark Townsend: Jesus Through Pagan Eyes, Flux, June 2012.

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