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Magic: An Occult Primer - 50th Anniversary Edition

Introducing David Conway's Magic: An Occult Primer - 50th Anniversary Edition! A clear, articulate presentation of magic in a workable format Updated text, graphics and appendices Foreword by Colin Wilson...

2022-2023 The Witches' Almanac - The Moon: Transforming the Inner Spirit

The Witches' Almanac Spring 2022 to Spring 2023 Issue 41: The Moon – Transforming the Inner Spirit   Since 1971, The Witches’ Almanac has been the source of fun, wisdom,...

Liber Spirituum - The Grimoire of Paul Huson

Introducing: Liber Spirituum - The Grimoire of Paul Huson Available Now! The Witches' Almanac has produced a very limited Leather Elemental Edition - $2,200 each volume (Air, Fire, Water, Earth,...

The Witches' Almanac - 50th Anniversary Edition

Hardcover now available! The Witches’ Almanac 50 Year Anniversary Edition is an anthology of articles spanning the five decades that the almanac has been published. The table of contents is...

Works on Hoodoo and Folklore - Harry M. Hyatt

Single volumes available - selected from drop-down menu. Utilize PayPal "Pay in 4" service to break up order total into four easy payments. Shipping time-frame currently 3-4 weeks from time...

Codex Althaeban Malik - The Book of Aberrations

Codex Althaeban Malik otherwise known as The Book of Aberrations is an intermediary volume between Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Book of the Black Dragon. The premise for this...