The Witches' Almanac

The Witches' Almanac - 50th Anniversary Edition


Hardcover now available!

The Witches’ Almanac 50 Year Anniversary Edition is an anthology of articles spanning the five decades that the almanac has been published. The table of contents is inclusive of several articles for each of the years that the almanac has been published.

The reader will find material that has been drawn from numerous world cultures, spanning a variety of age groups. The spells, myth, folklore, and mystical poetry present the reader with new and classic perspectives that are timeless. This is the first time such an expansive collection of articles about witchcraft, magic, herbalism, charms, spells, and related topics is being presented in a single volume, and it will surely be treasured as occult memorabilia immediately upon its release.

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Completing Collection

Simply Beautiful!
Posted by Sue, Mar Mon 2021

Anniversary edition

It is beautifully presented with everything I could have expected. Thank you for a well written book. Blessed Be all!
Posted by Vicki Howard, Mar Tue 2021

50th Anniversary Edition

Thank you to Witches Almanac for such a beautiful book! As soon as it arrived I couldn't help but sit down and read some of the offerings. So glad that I now have this in my collection of all things Witches Almanac!
Posted by Kelly, Feb Tue 2021

The 50th Year Anniversary Edition of the Witches Almanac

This is such a wonderful and Magical book. Of course I had to get the hardcover. The Witches Almanac has been important in my life for a long time. I also have other books published by Elizabeth Pepper,Barbara Stacy, Paul Huson, Dikki-Jo Mullen, Judika Illes, Robert Mathiesen and other fascinating writers. I went to Brown and RISD from1972 unti 1976 and then moved to NYC after that, then Berkshire Mountains. I really would be lost without these books that i have learned so much from and reread just to reconnect if I feel the impulse. It is not easy to be an artist and also a witch. Andrew Theitic and all of you have done this important thing and it is also joyful. Thank you.
Posted by Pamela Berkeley, Dec Thu 2020

The Witches Almanac 50th Edition

I have the 2003 " Witches All", revised edition compiled by Elizabeth Pepper. It's a keepsake. I therefore, had to nab the 50th anniversary edition to my collection. I'm glad I did.
Posted by Juliana, Oct Mon 2020

Witch’s Almanac 50th

This book is amazing. Treat yourself to the hard over...its worth it! Great quality, shipped fast. Thumbing through the pages feels like a magickal journey!
Posted by Dave Erwin, Oct Wed 2020


Have been a Witches Almanac enthusiast for many moons so was very excited when the 50 year Anniversary Edition was released. So many stories, traditions, and memories from past editions wrapped up in a hard bound book for family and future family to read and enjoy.
Posted by Cynthia , Oct Mon 2020

Hardcover almanac collection

This arrived and it is beautiful! The cover is elegant and powerful! I will cherish this collection in one book for years to come in my private library!
Posted by Christopher P. Mcknight, Oct Wed 2020

Witches Almanac 50th Anniversary Edition

Excellent!! A compilation of the best articles over 50 years from the best authors from our genre'. A must have for any well stocked witches bookshelf!!
Posted by Ms. Faith , Oct Wed 2020