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Liber Spirituum - The Grimoire of Paul Huson


Introducing: Liber Spirituum - The Grimoire of Paul Huson

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The Witches' Almanac has produced a very limited Leather Elemental Edition - $2,200 each volume (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit). Tipped into each Elemental volume is a unique, hand-painted (by Paul) and signed, elemental sigil.

 In 1966, as an apprentice mage, Paul Huson began the work of constructing his personal Liber Spiritumm or Book of Spirits. The origins of his work in fact have their genesis a number of years before he took up the pen to il-luminate the pages of his Book of Spirits. It was in his tender youth that Paul’s interest in matters magical began. It was his insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge that would eventually lead him to knock on the doors of Dion Fortune’s Society of the Inner Light in 1964, as well as studying the practices of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Stella Matutina under the aegis of Israel Regardie. Drawing on this wellspring of knowledge and such venerable works as the Key of Solomon, The Magus, Heptameron, Three Books of Occult Philosophy as well as others set down a unique and informed set of rituals, in addition to employing his own artistry in the creation of distinctive imagery.

Using the highest quality photographic reproduction and printing methods, Paul’s personal grimoire has here been faithfully and accurately reproduced for the first time. In addition to preserving the ink quality and use of gold and silver paint, this facsimile reproduction has maintained all of Huson’s corrections, including torn, pasted, missing pages and his hand drawn and renumbered folios. Preserved as well are the unique characteristics of the original grimoire paper as it has aged through the decades. In this way, the publisher has stayed true to Paul Huson’s Book of Spirits as it was originally drawn and painted.

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L8ber Spirituum

I saw a promotional clip for the book by Matt Auryn on social media and ordered it immediately. I am very satisfied with the feel and presentation of the physical book and am very much enjoying the material. A glimpse of a mind whose body of work 8s very well researched with scholarship and zeal. Highly recommend..
Posted by Ellen Apple, May Mon 2021

Beautifully crafted

I have bought other ‘reproductions’ of notebooks, and they have nothing on this one. The quality of the printing and overall ‘feeling’ of the book clearly exceeds all expectations. The comment about ’blank pages’ below, is accurate, but kind of a ’funny’ aspect to it. The content itself is pretty much focus on what we would tag as ‘Key of Solomon’/Renaissance Magic content (which, of course, can be found in other sources). However, the gorgeous handwriting is as clear as a handwriting can get. Truly a collectible piece.
Posted by Daniel E., May Thu 2021

Huson Liber

A finely crafted offering. It has a place of honour on my shelves.
Posted by James Pratt, May Sat 2021

Huson's Liber Spiritum

The book is expertly and beautifully made. And the contents give insight into the mind of a mage and artist. Very pleased.
Posted by Jonathan Sousa , May Sat 2021

Liber Spirituum

“Mastering Witchcraft” was my intro into all things Magickal, so, when it was announced this facsimile edition of Paul Huson’s private workbook was in the offing, I ordered the hardcover, with slipcase, not daring to hope it would be anywhere near as exquisite a production as it turned out to be. The repro is exacting, and everyone involved in getting this to press deserves high praise. Some have commented, negatively, on the number of blank pages; folks, that’s to be expected in a facsimile. Use them as a challenge to fill them on your own. Valuable both for the contents as well as an object in it’s own right, a new classic.
Posted by Leon C, May Thu 2021

Gorgeous - but with a catch

Paul Huson's Liber Spirituum is a beautiful book (I got the slipcase version). The level of reproduction is magnificent. If you have seen the online photos of the various pages of text and illustrations, you already know what a treat lays ahead for you. But be prepared - this working grimoire is incomplete. I'm not talking about a skipped page here and there (the back of many of the illustrated pages are blank due to original colour bleed through on the paper) but large chunks of blank pages (49-79, 98-125, 153-173, 211-222, 255-268, 367-374, plus the blank backsides to illustrated pages. This does add up to a lot of pages unfilled. I understand the reason behind it - to present to us the full book reproduced as it is. I'm not complaining - I'm very happy to have this beautiful volume - but I wish the description noted that about a quarter of the book contains empty (but with hand numbered) pages. Would I still recommend the book? Absolutely.
Posted by Daniel , May Wed 2021


As a longtime reader of Paul Huson's books, I was very excited to learn that The Witches' Almanac was publishing a reproduction of his personal grimoire. The finished product is as artful and beautiful as could be hoped, both in content and in presentation. The book is at the same time extremely traditional and freshly personal, a balance I always find attractive in magic. The paintings of the planetary images from Agrippa, for instance, follow the descriptions pretty faithfully, and yet they could hardly be from another time than the 1960s, or by an artist other than Paul Huson. Many rare old books are now fairly easily available in print or scanned into the digital collections of museums and libraries, but the former are typically typeset and the latter are non-physical. With this Liber Spirituum, the average reader has the chance to get a something of a feel for what a hand-produced grimoire is like--unused pages, corrected mistakes, and all. It is also a great exemplar of how a contemporary person might approach compiling their own magic book from Agrippa and the old grimoires. If you are interested in grimoire magic, 1960s occult art, 20th-century occultism, or the works of Paul Huson, you won't regret buying this one.
Posted by Forrest, May Tue 2021

Liber Spirituum

Brilliant! Also it is a very large format with an excellent color reproduction so everything is very easy to examine and detail.
Posted by James , May Tue 2021