The Witches' Almanac

2007-2008 The Witches’ Almanac – Water


Spring 2007 to Spring 2008
The Element of Water

The Witches' Almanac has been acclaimed for the quality of its art, design and content since its début in 1971. Now, at the request of our readers, we are bringing you the same Almanac in a larger 6”x 9” format with an additional 8 pages. As always, clarity and presentation of the Moon Calendar, astrological predictions of the gifted Dikki-Jo Mullen, and sensitive weather forecasts from climatologist, Tom C. Lang are special features. Arcane symbols and intriguing graphic images are always a part of every issue.

SKU: 1074
ISBN: 978-0-9773703-0-6
Softcover: 136 pages
Book Dimensions: 6" x 9"


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