The Witches’ Almanac 2015 featured Walpurgisnacht, an article detailing the wonderful folklore of the Brocken and May Eve.

According to German folk legend, on Walpurgisnacht (May Eve), witches gathered from the four corners of the world to attend the Witches’ Sabbat. Riding brooms and goats, they flew to the mist shrouded mountain peak called the Brocken or Blocksberg.

— Excepted from Walpurgisnacht, The Witches Almanac 2015

Morven Westfield shares more images of this special place below:

Ah, here's the train, a steam engine. Train aficionados enjoy the train as much as the scenery.
One train goes up, one train comes down.
You wouldn't expect to see THIS at the top of a “witch mountain”, would you? The museum is housed here.
The building also houses a coffee shop. A traditional witch figure watches over the patrons from the corner.
A tourist poses for a picture at the top of the Brocken. Other tourists wait their turn out of the camera frame.
Another cafe at the top: Hexenhaus (witch house).
Another tasteful cafe.
A close-up of the figurines over the entrance of the Cafe.