The Witches' Almanac

The Witches’ Almanac Brand Incense – 2019 Blend


Created especially for The Witches' Almanac by Alchemy Works, this incense combines myrrh and opoponax (often known as 'sweet myrrh') to create a base. Both resins have long been used for working with the spirits of the dead. Balsam fir needles and elemi resin sweeten the smoke. The witch's friend, mugwort, the fruity resinousness of juniper berries, and touches of Moon-ruled orris root and Hekataean mandrake root combine with other special woodsy ingredients to compose a good all-purpose incense for propitiating the spirit, spellwork during the dark of the Moon, celebrating Samhain, honoring the ancestors, and rituals involving woodland forces. Only natural and high quality components are used. Requires charcoal for burning.  Available in 1 oz. tin.

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