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The Witches' Almanac 2019 Wall Calendar


We are debuting The Witches’ Almanac 2019 Wall Calendar. Our readers have told us time and again how much they enjoy the many insights provided in the Moon Calendar in each issue of The Witches' Almanac. We have heeded your advice:  the standard Moon phases, channeled actions and an expanded version of the topic featured in the Moon Calendar will be available in a full-size wall calendar. 

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Witches Almanac Calender

Beautiful calender! I love the fact it has all the moon phases, holidays and other important factors on each day! It is a bit confusing at first as to how it runs , but it is a definate tool to help keep track of important dates!
Posted by Joyce Crock, Apr Mon 2019

Wish I had one in every room!

Beautifully assembled and exquisitely detailed, this calendar is THE go to source for daily info related to a witches needs. No regrets here, i will be purchasing it again.
Posted by Teresa Chance, Feb Mon 2019

Wall Calendar

Beautiful calendar! All the features I love about the lunar/astrological months in the Almanac in a large format.
Posted by K-berly, Oct Thu 2018