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The Magic of Herbs


David Conway has revised and updated his seminal work, The Magic of Herbs. Like many who were reared in a rural setting, David Conway came to know about healing arts that relied on a deep knowledge of herbal decoctions, tinctures and poultices. In this update of The Magic of Herbs, he shares the knowledge of herbs he gained in his early training in the hills of the Welsh countryside, as well as new emerging information. David studied with a master herbalist near his boyhood home, absorbing the practical and occult properties of the herbs and plants found in the surrounding environs.

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The Magic of Herbs

I received my Herbalist certification last year to compliment my certification in Extreme Canine Homeopathy, so I use Herbs and plants frequently. I'm just reading it now, but I greatly appreciate the esoteric value of herbs and flowers in the "Language of Flowers" section. Flowers were given for many occasions, and are our best medicine. Very well written book, with nice illustrations.
Posted by Juliana, Oct Mon 2020