Special Events

Witches, Wizard and Magicians

The Witches' Almanac periodically has some very special events to announce to Witches, Wizards and Magician. This is a page you will want to visit periodically. A sure fire way to be in the loop is to join our email list. 

We have two events that should be of interest for those in Southern New England. Selena Fox will be presenting in Rhode Island and The Witches' Almanac is sponsoring The Magickal Masquerade. See the details below.

Selena Fox is presenting her workshop Ancestor Spirits Workshop at the Marriott in Providence, Rhode Island on September 26th. Click on her image below to be taken to the Facebook event page.


The Magickal Masquerade Ball at the Historic Francis Farm is sure to be the place to be seen this year. Click on the image below for details and tickets.