Sites of Awe


American Stonehendge

America’s Stonehenge (aslo known as Mystery Hill) located in Salem New Hampshire, long been known as a powerful spot ....
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Safed, Israel

Safed became a spiritual center in the 16th century, when many Jewish mystics and scholars settled here, bringing with them ....
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Sekhmet Temple

As I approach, I see that the temple is quite small. The building stands only about 12 – 15 feet tall, with a large piece of metalwork on the top....
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Lingyin Temple, China

China is a country of rare treasures of which the Westerner is only able to see through books or film. In this adventure, Armand came ...

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West Country, England

This year Armand Taber visits Great Britain — land of Glastonbury and its magical fountains, the White Horse of Uffington and Cerne Abbas Giant...

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Truly a sacred site, through these photos of the Holy Land we get a sense of pure wonder. Awe that has been shared by not only Christians, Arabs and Jews...
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I began this trek from Hong Kong, a metropolis like no other. Monstrous skyscrapers crowd this island city in the South China Sea...
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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is actually made up of three waterfalls: the American Falls, the Horseshoe Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. As I rush to the rail...
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As the story goes, or, as I have been told and come to believe, it was here in Verona that Juliet Capulet stood on her balcony, as Romeo Montague...
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