Lingyin Temple, China


Courtyard of Lingyin Temple showing huge burners to hold incense sticks. The incense is noticeable from quite a distance away. Many hundreds of visitors arrive here each day.
1500 year old carvings of the Buddha and various Bodhisattvas decorate the entrance way to the main body of the temple.
Set among rocks and trees, the temple is a very tranquil place that helps the visitor enjoy the calming qualities of nature.
The Hall of Five Hundred Arhats, where one is loomed over by five hundred elevated, larger than life-size, bronze images of the Buddha in every aspect of humanity imaginable.
A very old, and very happy Buddha!
Covered in gold leaf, this Buddha sits in a building that is approximately 150 feet high. Many people come long distances to visit the massive images located here at the Lingyin Temple.