Year of the Fire Rooster

January 28, 2017—February 15, 2018

Oriental astrology encourages the use of many omens and portents to attract good fortune. Incorporating these into your environment is an integral part of using the Feng Shui of the year effectively. This will enhance luck, health, wealth and happiness. For example select the color of the year (royal blue, purple or violet) for meditation candles, home decor accents or attire and carry or wear the crystal (topaz). Include the flower, herb and tree in your garden or floral arrangements, incorporate the spice, drink and foods into your diet to further enhance well being. Schedule important meetings and projects during the lucky hours of the day (5 – 7 PM). Use your intuition concerning other possibilities in which to incorporate the suggestions below into your daily life and surroundings to court the favor of the Fire Rooster.

Color: royal purple, blue — violet tones
Music: oboe
Crystal: topaz
Drink: cider
Fragrance: myrrh
Tree: oak
Flavor: sweet
Lucky Number: 6
Flower: chrysanthemum
Food: barbecue
Spice: white pepper
Herb: savory
Motto: “I know better”
Direction: West
Season: Autumn, especially September
Lucky Hours: 5 – 7 PM
Animals: roosters and hens as well as deer