David Conway


David Conway was barely out of college when his book Magic: An Occult Primer made him famous. Such was the enthusiasm of press and public alike that the book remained in print for close to thirty years. At that point, he decided to revise, enlarge and update the text, entrusting the book’s reappearance to The Witches’ Almanac in 2016. (A special commemorative edition, hardback and limited to 200 copies, sold out within 24 hours.) He has written three other books: The Magic of Herbs, Secret Wisdom and Magic Without Mirrors. Many of today’s most prominent occultists acknowledge their debt to his work, as well as their affection for its author. A former diplomat and international civil servant, he today lives in the very heart of his native Wales, within sight of the estuary where, according to legend, the infant Taliesin, bard at the Court of King Arthur, was discovered having been cast out to sea by Ceridwen, Goddess of rebirth and transformation. Magic has thus become as much a part of Conway’s surroundings as it is — and always has been — part of the man himself.

Features contributed to The Witches' Almanac:

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