Celtic Tree Magic


Celtic Tree Magic
by Elizabeth Pepper

Robert Graves in The White Goddess writes of the significance of trees in the old Celtic lore. Celtic Tree Magic is an investigation of the sacred trees in the remarkable Beth-luis-nion alphabet, their role in folklore, poetry and mysticism.

ISBN: 1-881098-13-3
Softcover: 64 pages
Book Dimensions: 5.5" x 7.5"


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Celtic Tree Magic

A wonderful little book with additional palmistry correspondences & other unique contributions to lore!
Posted by Katie, May 19th 2020

Celtic Tree Magic

Delightful and informative little book. Enjoying it .
Posted by Baarbara Cageao, Oct 4th 2019

Interesting and fun read

I enjoyed this introduction to Celtic tree magic. The material was totally new to me, and I found the tree and hand association fascinating. It left me wanting to know more!
Posted by Angela Sorrells, Sep 21st 2018