American Stonehendge

This year Armand Taber visits the America’s Stonehenge located in Salem, New Hampshire. Also known as Mystery Hill, it has long been known as a powerful spot. Other members of the Craft have come here both past and present to perform rituals and spells. Recently a Coven visited to perform a Tree Blessing ritual in the deeper woods behind the Astronomical Trail walk. Here in New England, this is the most famous of stone arrangements. If you like to walk trails and you like adventure.

America’s Stonehenge is a popular attraction for many of New England’s Witches
The sacrificial slab is groved at the edge to allow for blood to flow away from the top
Beneath the sacrificial slab is a chamber for the offering to be placed
The sun rises above the Summer Solstice marker heralding the longest night of the year.
This stone out cropping marks a quartz quarry used by the builders of American Stonehendge
On a 1970s summer night a High Priestess and members of a Coven initiated a new member into the Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca.