The Witches' Almanac

2014-2015 The Witches’ Almanac – Earth


Spring 2014 to Spring 2015 Issue 33:
Mystic Earth

The theme of Issue 33 (Spring 2014 – Spring 2015) is Mystic Earth. Also included are articles on Ganesha, graveyard dust, Italian cimaruta amulets, veiled witches, and the legend of the Wicker Man.

Founded in 1971 by Elizabeth Pepper, the art director of Gourmet magazine for many years, The Witches’ Almanac is a witty, literate, and sophisticated publication that appeals to general readers as well as hard-core Wiccans. At one level, it is a pop reference that will fascinate anyone interested in folklore, mythology, and culture, but at another, it is the most sophisticated and wide-ranging annual guide for the Wiccan enthusiast.

6 x 9, 208 pages
150 Illustrations

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ISBN: 978-0-9824323-9-6
Softcover: 208 pages
Book Dimensions: 6" x 9"


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Completing Collection

Love these almanacs!
Posted by Sue Bachman, Mar Mon 2021

Enjoyable and Informative read

What I like most about the Almanac is the wide variety of topics. I often find myself researching subjects which I was not aware of because of the brief articles. This is informative for both the novice and experienced practitioner.
Posted by Frank Catena, Sep Mon 2020