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The Witches Almanac
The Witches' Guide to Economic Survival

Finding Employment
How astrology can help when you lose your job!

THE NUMBERS ARE SURREAL and can be frightening. Almost every day thousands of new job losses are announced and the economy as we have known it is in a free fall. Nearly everyone either knows someone who is already unemployed or who fears the loss of a career. Perhaps you are even now facing the specter of unemployment on a personal level. Maybe a long-time job has grown wearisome and you long to venture in a fresh direction but don’t quite know how. Hope, renewal and creating a bright new future are the themes upheld as a new President takes office. Implementing the specifics on a personal level can seem like a daunting task, however.

Astrology can help. For thousands of years the truths and guidance etched in the heavens above have aided in navigating stormy waters to find a safe and secure haven. The journey from despair and joblessness toward a promising future starts by being in the right place at the right time. Knowing when, where and how to seek the best opportunities and alternatives are the essentials.

Begin by submitting résumés and scheduling interviews on your lucky days each week. The seven days of the week are an astrology cycle; each day relates to the Sun, Moon or a planet and has a specific energy pattern. The 2008 09 issue of The Witches’ Almanac lists the favorable days of the week for each birth sign in the opening paragraph for each of the twelve “Presage” chapters. Take note of yours, then consider which day of the week on which you were born. Sometimes this will be the same day, in other cases they will be different days; in either case, these will be your days to move forward.

Next, using the “Moon Calendar” in the Almanac, take note of the waxing Moon cycle. This is calculated for you. It is the time each month when the Moon is growing in light from New to Full. It’s the best time to reach out to others and to begin new ventures. Unless you are returning to a career position, don’t begin a permanent career change while Mercury is retrograde. Retrograde cycles are explained in detail in the Eclipses and Retrogrades section in Almanac. Other retrogrades will impact careers ruled by the planets in question. For example, a job linked to the arts would not do well while Venus is retrograde. A position as a firefighter or engineer would be likely to falter while Mars is retrograde, etc. Very near eclipses it’s best to let the universe make the first move, a job might not be as it seems or very stable if sought near an eclipse. Eclipse dates are also noted for you in the Almanac.

Consider the zodiac sign which rules the mid heaven (10th house) in your own horoscope. This will indicate which career path would promise success. It’s important to be flexible at present, for changes in the world situation are impacting everything. An established career might not work any longer. A general rule of thumb is that jobs in the fields of education, health care and security will be most in demand in the future. Each of these areas covers a broad spectrum. Investigate whether there is a place you feel drawn to in one of these categories.

In downtown Orlando, Florida, where I have lived and worked for many years, a Sunday fleamarket has come together recently. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. an array of vendors operate small businesses in the good old-fashioned American tradition of self-employment. There are caricatures, portrait photographs with the subject cast as a fairy, looking glasses fashioned from antique saucers, castoff silverware and small mirrors. Paintings, handcrafted purses, knit hat-and-scarf sets, candles, soap, various foods from waffles to salsa, breakfast subs and tacos, original designed apron dresses, dog bandanas, handcrafted jewelry, organically grown garden produce and many other items are offered. Musicians serenade the large crowd, with tip jars placed before them.

Observing the flea market and speaking with the vendors, I have noticed that patience and faith are important to earn a profit. Some weeks one booth will do well, at other times another (the daily Moon signs are important here. The Moon’s sign will describe the moods and needs of the general public on a given day. These are also listed in the Almanac). Do you have a hobby or skill that can be developed into a profit-making venture? It can be satisfying and very lucrative to develop a personal business. At least it is a way to earn some money if you prefer not to seek regular employment. Who knows, you might even do better as an entrepreneur. Meditate on the prospects, look to see what seems to be in demand in your community. From a deep well of wisdom within, guidance will come if you will take time to reflect.

Dreams can be very helpful in finding the way out of a challenging time. A hint comes from the familiar phrase “sleep on it.” When facing an economic hardship or other worry, while falling asleep at night ask for guidance. It might take a few attempts, but eventually either a symbolic and helpful dream will come or you’ll awake with an answer in mind. Keep a notebook handy. Write down the impressions upon awaking and study them. As a general rule accurate prophetic dreams will occur when the Moon is in a water sign or in aspect to Neptune, the planet of dreams. Again, The Witches’ Almanac and your own birth chart will provide the specifics. Keep a positive outlook and keep trying. A new career path will open when the time is right. Remember, the Gods and Goddesses never give us a problem we don’t have the ability to rise above. Have faith in the Lord and Lady and in yourself.

Dikki Jo is the astrologer for The Witches’ Almanac with a professional practice based in Central Florida. A long personal letter and a copy of your own horoscope map can be ordered from her to detail your own career cycles. Please send her your month, day, year, time and place of birth, along with your career questions and $50 (check or money orders, please) to Dikki Jo Mullen, P.O. Box 533024, Orlando, FL 32853. Allow three weeks for a response.

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