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The Witches Almanac
The Witches' Guide to Economic Survival

Stressed out? Many of us are experiencing trying economic times and feeling disoriented. Glad tidings from the Almanac staff!

THE ECONOMY is in a surreal free fall, and everyone knows someone who has lost a job or fears job loss. Perhaps you too face the specter of unemployment. Support is at hand with our new Witches’ Almanac Community Support Section, offering suggestions both mystical and practical.

Astrological help
Our trusty astrologer, Dikki-Jo Mullin, weighs in with some star-based counsel: “For thousands of years the truths etched in the heavens have aided in navigating the stormy waters to a safe haven. Knowing how, when, where to seek the best opportunities and alternatives are the essentials.” Dikki-Jo then proceeds to provide practical advice about correctly accessing lucky days, the Moon Calendar, zodiac signs, etc.
Spirits of Abundance
Jambhala, Lakshmi, and Nang Kwak
Spells and Meditations
Judika Illes has plenty of helpful ideas. The authority continues her Spells of the Week on this website, now focused on crucial economic problems. Judika is the author of The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, and she has methods to pass along for better business and professional success, court case spells for legal justice, money spells, and a host of other useful techniques.
Budget Recipes
Staying healthy and keeping fit are elementary. Eating well and keeping the budget healthy at the same time is sometimes a struggle. You will enjoy our Healthy and Budget Conscious Recipes section, always nutritious, appetizing, easy to prepare and inexpensive.
We are putting our heads together with some concerned experts to offer guidance during these troubled times. We have some surprises ahead. Stay tuned.

The Witches' Almanac

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