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Almanac Extras!

Witches Flying to the Sabbat

The Witches' Almanac
Spring 2012 to Spring 2013 Issue 31:
Radiance of the Sun

The Witches' Almanac Cover Illustration by Ogmios MacMerlin
Cover Design by Ogmios MacMerlin
See more amazing artwork at Art by Ogmios


10-ISBN: 0-9824323-6-4
13-ISBN: 978-0-9824323-6-5
ISSN: 1522-3183

$11.95 plus shipping & handling (Canada $13.00, contact us for shippping)

Continental USA delivery only

Welcome to a new edition of the trailblazing annual publication, The Witches' Almanac! Ever since 1971, The Witches' Almanac has been the source of wisdom and magical lore for thousands of readers from all over the world. Originally modeled after the Old Farmer's Almanac, but with a bit of extra magic built-in, The Witches' Almanac includes information related to the annual lunar calendar such as weather forecasts and horoscopes, as well as legends, rituals, herbal secrets, interviews, and spells.

The theme of this year's Witches' Almanac is the Radiance of the Sun. Read about bottle trees, the legendary ghosts of Gettysburg, theatrical Janus masks, frog folklore, the curse of the Hope Diamond and the magick of tattoos. This edition of The Witches' Almanac also features an exploration of the Tarot Sun card by renowned author, Paul Huson and much, much more including:
  • Tips on moon gardening
  • An interview with Judika Illes, author of The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells
  • The astrology of the vampires
  • The erotic history of vanilla
  • The Locavore Revolution
  • An astrological portrait of Witchcraft pioneer Charles Godfrey Leland, author of Aradia: Gospel of the Witches
The Witches' Almanac has consistently featured work from the metaphysical world's most prestigious writers, beginning with its founder Elizabeth Pepper. Featured in this new edition are such thought-provoking authors as Barbara Stacy, Dikki-Jo Mullen, Judith Joyce, Robert Matthiesen, Jimahl di Fiosa, and Shannon Marks. $11.95 (Canada $13.00) Kindle Edition

If "the errors of a man are what make him really lovable" (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) then you're gonna love us at The Witches' Almanac. A diligent reader has brought to our attention that Scorpio's Love section was reprinted under Finance. Please accept our apologies. For the corrected version, please click HERE.

Table of Contents
Click on Highlighted Articles for a preview

A Poison Tree
    A Poem by William Blake
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
The Locavore Revolution
    Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit:
    Mindful Eating and Going Local

The Magic of Tattoos
Traces of Paganism in The Maine Farmer's Almanac
Kitchen Magic
    Vanilla - an Exotic History
Vanilla's Origin
Weather Lore in Rural Pennsylvania
Moon Gardening
The Moon Calendar
The First Principle
Looking Back
    Love's Secret
The Little Warrior
    A Protective Talisman
Museum of Witchcraft
    Diamond Jubilee
Oak Apple Day, May 29th
    His Royal Highness Up a Tree
Notable Quotes
    The Sun
The Rigs O'Barley
    A Poem by Robert Burns
The Lion and the Mouse
The Rose from the Grave of Homer
    Hans Christian Andersen, 1842
A Sťance Invocation
Hymn to Lucifer
    See Almanac Extras!
Sacred Prayer Cloths
Origins of the Mithras Cult
    See Almanac Extras!

The Fixed Stars - Spica
    The Fortunate One
Window on the Weather
Sitting at the Crossroads
    Persian Mother of Waters
Bottle Trees
    Inspiration for the Ecologically-Minded Witch
Astrology of the Vampires
    Count Saint Germain's System of Birthday Years
The Frog
Sunshine Safety
    Essential Oils and Photosensitization
Merry Meetings
    An Interview with Judika Illes
    Crystals of the Sun
    Love Conquers Size
Charles Godfrey Leland
    An Astrological View
Comedy and Tragedy Unmasked
    Faces of Humanity in the Silent Messages of Janus
The Clurichaun
    A Meeting with the Leprechauns' Surly Cousin
    America's Ghost Hunting Paradise
Moon Cycles
The Tarot Sun
    Lord of the Fire of the World
Sites of Awe
    Travels Through the Middle Kingdom, China
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