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Almanac Extras!

Witches Flying to the Sabbat

The Witches' Almanac
Spring 2010 to Spring 2011 Issue 29:
Animals Great and Small

The Witches' Almanac Cover Illustration by Ogmios MacMerlin
Cover Design by Ogmios MacMerlin
See more amazing artwork at Art by Ogmios


Continental USA delivery only
This new edition of the venerable publication The Witches' Almanac pays tribute to the animal kingdom—some home companions, some wild ones, some creatures of fantasy. The book features a throng of animals, great and small, in stories such as:
* The buzz from beekeepers celebrates honey
* A dog becomes a Japanese icon
* The Irish kidnap a wild goat for the Puck Fair

This year's Almanac also includes:
* Fleur-de-lis, flower of power
* The Man in Black, the Devil's own?
* Mayan calendar prophecy
* A Minnesota mom who comforts her son with Norse gods
* Garlic recipes to ward off blandness
• Crossroads, thresholds of change
* Horoscopes, moon cycles, and monthly weather forecasts

Insightful, entertaining, and filled with stunning graphics, this is the almanac on which thousands of readers rely every year. - and so much more
$11.95 plus shipping & handling (Canada $13.00, contact us for shippping)

10-ISBN: 0-9773703-7-2
13-ISBN: 978-0-9773703-7-5
Paperback, 152 pages, 6"x9"

Table of Contents
Click on Highlighted Articles for a preview

The Tyger
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
The Calico Cat
Furry collage of conundrums
Pilgrimages Journeys to the sacred
Thresholds for the strange alluring, dangerous
The Glass Harmonica
Weird instrument, weird sound
Icon of unswerving faith.
Mayan Calendar Prophecy
A new Golden Age?
Moon Gardening
The Moon Calendar
Looking Back – Sufi Dance
The Frog That Wouldn’t Laugh
The Ant and the Dove
The dark side of inspiration
Magpies Good birds, bad birds
Tarot’s Moon
Year of the Metal Tiger
The Buzz from Beekeepers
Creature Kinship
Maskers at Carnival, Alexandria
Notable Quotations
Goats Nibble on Trees
Man of Signs
Kitchen Magic Garlic
The Man in Black
Discourse with the Devil?
A Famous Lecture Havana, 1931
Window on the Weather
The Magic of O A symbol for change
Prospero All hail, great master
Hell Broth
The Fixed Stars – Markeb
Travels with a scholarly sailor
Garlic Makes it Good
Osoosi Tracker in the Night
Merry Meetings
Interview with Paul Huson
The Fleur-de-Lis Flower of Power
Wedding Ceremonies
A feast of marriage customs
Friday the 13th
Sybil Leek An astrological view
Cecil Williamson Witchcraft Museum
The Morrigan
Hot Cross Buns, Sweet Pagans
Moon Cycles
Sites of Awe – Jerusalem
From a Witch’s Mailbox
Almanac News

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