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Almanac Extras!

Witches Flying to the Sabbat

The Witches' Almanac
Spring 2009 to Spring 2010 Issue 28:
Plants and Healing Herbs

The Witches' Almanac Cover Illustration by Ogmios MacMerlin
Cover Design by Ogmios MacMerlin
See more amazing artwork at Art by Ogmios


Continental USA delivery only
This year's Almanac goes green - and every other gorgeous color Nature provides for the delight of mortals. We offer a particularly fascinating line-up of articles honoring the plant kingdom: Osanyin, Yoruba Lord of Plants; Papyrus reed, source of civilization; the Lotus, Sacred Lily of the Ages; Aphrodisiac Spices, since erotic hope springs eternal; the Mandrake Root and how to banish its imp; Floriography, the language of flowers; Roses and more roses, favorite of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. An astrological profile of Dr. Nicholas Culpepper, the superb 17th-century herbalist. More green in the form of Absinthe, the "Green Fairy," a high-spirited elixir newly restored to the U.S.

We offer Cross Quarter Day memories from Old New England; thank Quetzalcoatl for Chocolate, today's hot topic for foodies; discover the secrets of Hex Signs; examine the daunting baggage of the Left Handed. As for every year you will enjoy the excellent art, accurate horoscopes, astrological information, weather predictions, holiday-date list, entertaining folk stories, myths and significant fairy tales. And this year, a new travel feature by Armand Taber, Sites of Awe. Be sure to check out this exceptional issue.
$11.95 plus shipping & handling (Canada $13.00, contact us for shippping)

ISBN 0-9773703-4-8
ISBN 978-0-9773703-4-4
Paperback, 152 pages, 6x9

To err is divine? ...We hope so.
Mars may have been frowning on us when we set up this year's Aries horoscope. Last year's Aries Presage crept into the current Witches Almanac pages due to a printer's error. We are most apologetic for the inconvenience. Please click to print out the correct Aries version.

Table of Contents
Click on Highlighted Articles for a preview

The Ragged Wood
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Papyrus-From writing, civilization
A Bear Who Wed a Woman
The Doctrine of Signatures
Asclepius-Deity of healing arts
Aphrodisiac Spices
Hope springs eternal
Roses-Favorite of the Goddess
The Magic of Dew
Roger Bacon
The Wise Enchanter
The Moon Calendar
The Versatile Olive
Year of the Earth Ox
Tarot's Empress
Flying Ointment
The Rowan Tree
Kitchen Magic
Chocolate drinks
The Fox and the Countryman
Taming the Mandrake
Notable Quotations
Return of the Green Fairy
Hex Signs
Pennsylvania Dutch Charms
O, Treacherous Oberon!
A Garland of Festivals
Window on the Weather
The Charm of Henna
The Legendary Pomegranate
The Supernatural Tourist
Hidden Folk of Iceland
The Fixed Stars - Polis
A celestial city state
Hephaestus and Aphrodite-The odd couple
The Chinese Zodiac
Lefties- On the other hand
The Cross-Quarter Days
    in Old New England
Scarborough Fair-Are you goin'?
Merry Meetings
Interview with Hans Holzer
The language of flowers
Saffron Robes of Virtue
Odysseus vs. Circe
A sorcerer bears gifts
Osanyin-Lord of Plants
Onions-Layers of revelation
Lotus Sacred lily of the ages
Ah hh, Chocolate!
Thank you, Quetzalcoatl
Nicholas Culpeper
An astrological view
Moon Cycles
Sites of Awe
From a Witch's Mailbox

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