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Witches Flying to the Sabbat

The Witches' Almanac
Spring 2004 to Spring 2005

The Element of Earth
The Witches' Almanac

This edition celebrates time's passage with an emphasis on earth and its treasures. We probe the lore of Scottish stones, visit the Sorcerer's Cave in France, and pay tribute to the Earth Mother in Her many sacred forms. Our Timeless Traveler explores Malaysia, and a resident scholar examines the mystic tradition in ancient Greece. African art and oracles, mushroom magic, Egyptian canopic jars, and the eerie legend of The Watchers are a few of the subjects covered in this issue. As always, the publication is richly illustrated with intriguing graphic images and arcane symbols. $8.95

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Table of Contents

Hymn to the Earth
Today and Tomorrow
Spirits of Earth
Moon Gardening
Empedocles the Magician
Year of the Monkey
Moon Calendar
Aztec Earth Goddess
The Watchers
Celestial Gems
A Loaf for Lammas
The Vine
To Drive Away Demons
The Sons of Horus
The Ox and the Frog
Do Not Disturb
Tower of the Tarot
The Hidden Language of the Quipu
A Prevalence of Crosses
Window on the Weather
Toads and Diamonds
The Mischievous Leprechaun
The Sorcerer's Cave
Earth Prophecy
Sacred Serpent Mound
Herbs of Witchery
The Way of the Moon
The Celtic Tree Calendar
Earth Signs

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