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Witches Flying to the Sabbat

The Witches' Almanac
Spring 2003 to Spring 2004

The Element of Air

The Witches' Almanac

This edition takes the element Air as its theme. The magic of music, incense, wind and bird flight excite the imagination. A scholar studies the impact of Leland's Aradia on modern Wicca. Our Timeless Traveler explores the Greek isle of Milos. As always, the publication is richly illustrated with graphic images and arcane symbols. $8.95

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Table of Contents

Today and Tomorrow
Full Moon Names
The Way of the Moon
Year of the Ram
The Moon Calendar
East Wind, West Wind
Long Ago and Far Away
The Magician
Sound Advice
The Hazel Tree
Death and the Maiden
The Mystery of Venus de Milo
Negative Confession
A Friend in Need
The Wolf and the Crane
Winds of the Rede
Finding the Aradia Papers
Fairy Gifts
What is your PSI potential?
Astrological Keys
Nighttime People in a Daytime World
Ghosts of the Dry Tortugas
Horses of Myth
Window on the Weather
Music of the Spheres
The Owl
Moon Gardening

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